A Baby Elephant in the Wild Cover

A Baby Elephant in the Wild

by Caitlin O'Connell (Author, Illustrator) , Timothy Rodwell (Illustrator)

Last summer, the Sibert Honor–winning duo Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell witnessed the birth and growth of a baby elephant. In this intimate account for preschool through elementary readers, find answers to questions such as: What do newborn elephants look like? How big are they? What threatens them in the wild? Do they bully each other? Are they stalked by lions? What happens if they don't get enough food or water? Are they at risk of extinction?

With irresistible photographs and a text that places the reader in the wonder of the savannah, this is a book to treasure for all animal lovers.

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Praise for A Baby Elephant in the Wild:

"A scientist highlights elephant family values in this rare glimpse of a newborn’s first season.

Family is very important to elephants,” notes O’Connell (Elephant Scientist,2011), taking advantage of a serendipitous birth in a wild herd to observe and describe how adorable little “Liza”—“Even her belly and toenails are pink”—is nurtured and protected by her mother and other family members through her first few months. Reinforcing that message, the color photos almost without exception catch Liza posing beneath, or even leaning against, obviously attentive older elephants as the herd travels across the Namibian plain to a water hole for a drink and a refreshing mud bath. The physical birth itself isn’t described or shown, and the author covers the natural hazards that wild elephants face only in general terms (even the one photo showing elephants being tracked by lions has been artfully blurred). Nevertheless, her accounts of elephant growth, social behavior, and environmental and human challenges are both detailed enough to satisfy demanding young naturalists and easy for younger general readers to understand.

A fetching portrait, from a researcher who has studied these animals for many years and plainly cares for them deeply." (fact page, afterword) (Informational picture book. 6-8) - Kirkus