WHITE GOLD: A Catherine Sohon Elephant Mystery

In this pulse-pounding follow-up to Ivory Ghosts—hailed by Jodi Picoult as “a win for any animal lover or reader with a conservationist’s heart”—wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon ventures into the darkest corners of China to hunt the world’s deadliest poachers.

Catherine Sohon has gone undercover in the Chinese underworld, where the illegal ivory trade is at an all-time high. Posing as a foreign buyer in the backroom of the Beijing Antique Market, she’s closing in on the smuggler who has eluded her since Namibia. Then ruthless gunmen burst in, leaving death in their wake and turning Catherine into a suspect in a triad turf war.
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Bridge to the Wild Cover

Bridge to the Wild: Behind the Scenes at the Zoo

Hear crisp sounds of the hornbill in the cool air. Listen to the morning symphony that greets you as you enter the front gate. Then, step onto a leafy path that leads to a secret world of animals, each of whom you won’t want to forget, here at Zoo Atlanta.

Over five days we meet a menagerie of magnificent animals—pandas, elephants, gorillas, meerkats, flamingos and more—alongside the longtime animal lover, scientist, and researcher Caitlin O’Connell.
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Ivory Ghosts Cover

IVORY GHOSTS: A Catherine Sohon Elephant Mystery

In a blockbuster debut thriller brimming with majestic wildlife, village politics, and international intrigue, a chilling quadruple homicide raises the stakes in the battle to save Africa’s elephants.

Still grieving over the tragic death of her fiancé, American wildlife biologist Catherine Sohon leaves South Africa and drives to a remote outpost in northeast Namibia, where she plans to face off against the shadowy forces of corruption and relentless human greed in the fight against elephant poaching.
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Elephant Don Cover

Elephant Don: The Politics of a Pachyderm Posse

Meet Greg. He’s a stocky guy with an outsized swagger. He’s been the intimidating, yet sociable don of his posse of friends—including Abe, Keith, Mike, Kevin, and Freddie Fredericks—but one arid summer the tide begins to shift and the third-ranking Kevin starts to get ambitious and seeks a higher position within this social club. But this is no ordinary tale of gangland betrayal—Greg and his entourage are bull elephants in Etosha National Park, Namibia, where, for the last twenty years, Caitlin O’Connell has been a keen observer of their complicated friendships.
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A Baby Elephant in the Wild Cover

A Baby Elephant in the Wild

Last summer, the Sibert Honor–winning duo Caitlin O'Connell and Timothy Rodwell witnessed the birth and growth of a baby elephant. In this intimate account for preschool through elementary readers, find answers to questions such as: What do newborn elephants look like? How big are they? What threatens them in the wild? Do they bully each other? Are they stalked by lions? What happens if they don't get enough food or water? Are they at risk of extinction?

With irresistible photographs and a text that places the reader in the wonder of the savannah, this is a book to treasure for all animal lovers.
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An Elephant's Life Cover

An Elephant’s Life: An intimate portrait from Africa

An Elephant’s Life provides a unique and fascinating immersion into the world of the African elephant, told by a leading field biologist who has been researching and photographing these animals in their natural habitat for nearly two decades. Here, for the first time, readers get a fuller picture of elephant society cast in a broader context, including the life of the male elephant in all its high drama.
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An Elephant's Life Cover

The Elephant Scientist

In the sprawling African scrub desert of Etosha National Park, they call her “the mother of all elephants.” Holding binoculars closely to her eyes, American scientist Caitlin O’Connell could not believe what she was seeing from these African elephants. This observation would guide the scientist to a groundbreaking discovery about elephant communication.
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An Elephant's Life Cover

The Elephant’s Secret Sense:
The hidden Life of the Wild Herds of Africa

While observing a family of elephants in the wild, Caitlin O’Connell noticed a peculiar listening behavior as if they could “hear” the ground. The Elephant’s Secret Sense is O’Connell’s account of her groundbreaking research into seismic listening and communication, chronicling the extraordinary social lives of elephants over the course of fourteen years in the Namibian wilderness.
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